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Gestão de configurações no Cervelloo

A Gerência de Configurações ou CMDB (Configuration Management Database) é, provavelmente, o processo da biblioteca ITIL® mais complexo de ser implementado, exigindo da TI um alto nível de maturidade de processos. Essa exigência faz com que algumas organizações não coloquem a implantação de tal processo como uma prioridade,  estratégia que, inevitavelmente, acaba se mostrando errada
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9 benefits to automate and digitalize your business processes

Some very relevant benefits for any organization willing to invest in a systematic effort to automate business processes: Have visibility and DETAILED knowledge of business processes; Document the processes, which makes possible the appropriation of knowledge by the company; Open opportunities for a performance evaluation based on “facts and figures”, KPIs; Identify opportunities for structural
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We can state that, at first, there are no better or worse channels for the Service Desk X User communication. Key words for analyzing care channels are effectiveness and accessibility. We can think of different situations that point us to one channel or another as being better or worse in specific circumstances. Examples: Phone x
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IT Service Management with ITIL – An Overview

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) can be defined, in general terms, as a set of norms and procedures focused on the area of ​​service management in Information Technology. This is a series of recommendations that are the result of the work of a body of the British government known today as OCG (Office of Government
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Benefits of Process Automation

Process automation seeks to define and optimize business processes to then execute them on a computerized systems architecture. This automation is not limited to the mere execution of automatic activities by computers; it goes beyond, maintaining a wide human intervention and the participation of the different related participants, such as employees, clients and partners. A
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