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We can state that, at first, there are no better or worse channels for the Service Desk X User communication.

Key words for analyzing care channels are effectiveness and accessibility.

We can think of different situations that point us to one channel or another as being better or worse in specific circumstances.


Phone x Custom web interface to receive calls

If we talk about a request, the web interface tends to be better because it allows us to create complete processes that guarantee the quality and quantity of information needed to process the approval flow, delivery with auditable quality and without “wasting” time of the the service desk agent, by adding little or no value to the process and also allowing an active management of the SLA’s of each step of the service being, thus, an opportunity for improvement of the processes.

In the event of an incident, it is possible that the phone is better because the interaction between the agent and user can generate a more effective and fast “troubleshooting”.

Access to the Service catalog with self-service processes can also be superior to the simple call to a center, since they are faster (there is no waiting for the attendant’s availability), avoid waste in case of unsolved issues (when there are rules or policies that prevent the user from doing what the user wants to request), or facilitate the delivery of the solution by direct execution by the requester of processes made available in the associated knowledge base.

If, in addition to these examples, we consider the possibility of access via smartphone, chat, voice or “AD HOC” forms, we will have the option to always offer our users the most appropriate channel for their needs at that time.





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