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Cervello BPMS 2.0

Business Process Management

O Cervello BPMS 2.0 (Business Process Management Suite) is a set of applications that allow you to automate the management of business processes, accompanying the entire process life cycle. In this way, it unifies the strategic objectives of the company to the operation, with a tool of easy application and assimilation.

The manager is able to get a complete view of your business by using the features of the Dashboard panel, report analytics and indicator monitoring, thus helping you to make decisions and act on issues that are really important to your team’s performance or productivity, resulting in greater efficiency, competitiveness and lower costs.


Design: Through a native tool of the system, it is possible to draw from the most basic to the most complex flowchart, with validation and approval.
Modeling: Apply rules to the design without the need for programming. With the capabilities of Cervello BPMS 2.0 the analyst creates the “intelligence” necessary to make the design functional.
Execution: Once designed and completely modeled, a version is made available for use of the process created. Through alerts, participants in the steps are aware of the steps that have taken and can interact through messages at any time.
Monitoring: With the use of Dashboards and Reports created and accessed within the tool, the managers can follow up the processes in progress and identify potential bottlenecks.

Optimization: By following up the cycle, new needs and improvements can be identified and easily applied through the modeling and design tool.
Documentation: Generation of documentation is an extremely simple task. Just one click and the modeled flow is transformed into a text in PDF format.

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  • Increased productivity due to process automation;
  • Reduction in time and costs by identifying bottlenecks;
  • Process improvements;
  • Standardization of procedures;
  • Establishment of deadlines and follow-up of tasks;
  • Traceability of processes;
  • Monitoring workflows and recording activities;
  • Minimization of errors and rework;
  • Decrease of tasks performed manually and consequently of the use of paper;
  • Autonomy in the development of flows and forms;
  • Interaction with external partners of the company (suppliers, representatives, employees and etc.);
  • Speed in decision making through visualization of indicators, processes and performance of activities;
  • Reduction of time in the handling and steps of the tasks;
  • Integration with other systems used in the company;
  • Dissemination of knowledge;
  • Design of processes with accuracy and effectiveness;
  • 24/7 process availability;


Número de usuários ilimitados;

  • 100% Web;
  • Acessibilidade por dispositivos móveis;
  • Exportação de informações e relatórios em diversos formatos;
  • Envio de e-mail e SMS, notificando sobre as etapas do fluxo e prazos;
  • Fácil implementação e assimilação da solução;
  • Formulários dinâmicos e relacionáveis;
  • Documentação e auditoria dos processos gerada automaticamente;
  • Aplicação escrita em .Net;
  • Autonomia no desenvolvimento de fluxos (não há necessidade de Programador);
  • Modelagem e personalização de qualquer processo e formulário sem a necessidade de programador, através de função “arrastar e soltar” do Work Flow Designer;
  • Base de dados Microsoft SQL e inclusive as versões free
  • C.S.C. (Centrais de Serviços Compartilhados)
  • Área Financeira
  • Recursos Humanos
  • T.I
  • Serviços Internos
  • Comércio Exterior
  • Logística
  • Área Comercial
  • Governança Corporativa