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Aligning IT services with business needs should be a top priority for companies wishing to remain competitive in the market, even in increasingly challenging scenarios. IT permeates all areas of the corporation, and can be much more than a foundation: a true partner in the processes and results of your company.

  • Administrative: Handling of assets, supply requests, purchase requests, among others.
  • Quality: Management of nonconformities, audits management, action plans follow-up, documents review, customer service, among others.
  • Communication: Approval of content and documents, gifts request, management of contacts service, opinion research, opening of requests to third parties, among others.
  • Commercial: Credit approval, release of special discounts, approval of contracts, billing statements, reimbursement of expenses, among others.


Manage, coordinate and solve incidents as quickly as possible and assure that no help request becomes lost, forgotten, or ignored.
• IT: Opening of tickets, release of accesses, among others.
Manage daily processes, optimizing operations, eliminating redundancies and maximizing team development. 
• Finance: Release of payments, creation of budget, control of expenses, among others.
Substantially improve the relationship among employees and the company. 
• HR: Request of vacation, job openings, hiring, termination, attendance control, registration of worked hours, among others.
Provide your company with an interface that will not only address incidents, problems and queries, but also the other needs of IT users and customers, such as change requests, maintenance contracts, licensing of software products, service requests, among others.
Centralize services into a single point of entry and exit, an environment that absorbs the activities in support of the main business processes, in order to manage several sectors of the company, such as:
• Services
• Finance
• HR
• Training
• Legal
Manage the relationship between requesters and solvers, through a structured knowledge base, with automatic documentation of the entire process and scheduling of tasks, which provide a better quality of service.